Forgot iCloud Password: How to Change/Reset iCloud Password on iOS

Forgot iCloud Password: iCloud is the best exclusive service, and it is provided by the Apple Inc. With the help of the iCloud, you can keep all the information from the different device synced in one single convenient location. And by using the iCloud, you can backup of your iOS device whenever you synchronize it. And you can save all your data in one place. iCloud is very handy because you can see use it to restore all the files to your device when you have lost the data or accidentally deleted any of the data. People who Forgot iCloud Password can check the recovery steps from the below sections.

remove-icloud-password Forgot iCloud Password: How to Change/Reset iCloud Password on iOS

iCloud requires your Apple ID as well as a password for input to grant access to the iCloud services. Some people are struggling to unlock the iCloud services because they have forgotten their password. Many people are frustrated and scary about this because of all the people stores the complete data of the device in the iCloud. People who have lost their password then can restore all the data without any issues. Everyone can easily recover the password of iCloud with the help of the given guidelines. Users can read the below data who Forgot iCloud Password.

Forgot iCloud Password – Change/Reset iCloud Password on iOS

We have come up with the best solution for recovering the iCloud password. People can reset the icloud password very easily by following the methods which have given below. For recovering the password, you no need to remember any critical information, and you need to remember only basic information. There are numerous ways to restore the password. Apple ID protects the privacy of the information which you have stored on the iCloud like email. You can even change the password regularly to protect your information.

remove-icloud-password Forgot iCloud Password: How to Change/Reset iCloud Password on iOS

Your iCloud password protects your ability to locate or remotely erase your device by using the Find My iPhone option. Below are the three different methods to recover the forgotten iCloud Password on iOS. People who are looking for the process to reset the iCloud process can get the best method from this article.

How to Recover iCloud Password

remove-icloud-password Forgot iCloud Password: How to Change/Reset iCloud Password on iOS

Method 1: Reset iCloud Password Using Recovery Email

Step -1: Firstly, open the on your Computer or Smartphone by using the web browser.

Step -2: Now, you have to enter your Apple ID which you are using on your device. Now enter the given captcha and then click on Continue option.

Step -3: Then you will be redirected to the next page. There you need to click on ‘I need to reset my password’ and choose the continue option.

Step -4: Now, you need to wait until you receive an official email from Apple with the password reset link.

Step -5: Again you will receive an email from Apple, and you have to click on Reset email.

Step -6: Enter the new password and confirm changes. And you can now log in with your new password with your iCloud account.

Method 2: Reset iCloud Account Password By Answering a Security Questions

Step -1: First of all, you have to open the and then go to the Forgot Apple ID or Password. Now, you have to select ‘Answer Security Questions.’

Step -2: You have to remember the security question details and enter the details of Date of Birth and hit the continue option.

Step -3: After completing the above process, you can enter the new password and reset it

Method 3: Recover iCloud Password on 2-Factor Authentication Enabled Accounts

Step -1: Visit the and then enter the Apple ID which you are associated with the iCloud account.

Step -2: Hit the continue option and then enter the mobile number of your trusted device.

Step -3: If you do not want to access from the trusted device then you have to click on the Reset from another device.

Step -4: Now select the option named as Start ‘Account Recovery’ and click on Continue.

Step -5: Now, you have to enter the new password and then confirm it.

Click Here to Recover the iCloud Password

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