How to Reset a Lost Hotmail Password

Reset a Lost Hotmail Password: Have you lost your Hotmail password??? Don’t worry… Here I have given the simple steps to recover the Hotmail password. Hotmail is the free web service, and it is a part of Microsoft’s windows live suite, and it also gives you the option to answer a secret question when you forgot your email password. While setting up the Hotmail account, the service helps you to pick the question and answer. If you have forgotten your secret answers and password and you can also save the Hotmail instructions hich the service has given you. And it helps you to get back into your account and reset the password.

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If you have forgotten the Hotmail password and it has been locked out of your Hotmail account because of the unauthorized access. And you will be able to see the Microsoft account recovery tool for resetting the password. And you need to have the recovery email, verification app, or phone number which is associated with your Hotmail account. People can also answer the few questions to verify the identity of your account. People who are looking to Reset a Lost Hotmail Password can go through the below sections.

Reset a Lost Hotmail Password – HotMail Account

If you want to use your Windows Live Hotmail password more often, Then your browser and Windows Live Hotmail itself always took care of that, and it remembers the arcane combination of numbers as well as letters for you. And you can find yourself in a different country in front of an alien computer with the browser that has no idea of the Windows Live Hotmail password. Many people do not remember the Hotmail Password. Check the below sections to Reset a Lost Hotmail Password.

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Here is the best solution for the people to recover the Hotmail password. Many people are suffering to remember the passwords and username of any account. For the sake of the users, here we have given the simple to Reset a Lost Hotmail Password. Trying to get the account without a password is very difficult. May the Windows Hotmail can help you to reset the password by accessing the process of authorization. And you have to make sure that you remember the new phrase until you are back home. Read the below steps to reset the password.

Steps to Recover the Lost Hotmail Password

People who have lost their Hotmail Password they can recover it by following these steps.

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  • Firstly, you have to open the homepage of Outlook because the Hotmail has changed the name to Outlook. It will be accessed through the Outlook sign in the page.  All the Hot mail accounts work with the Outlook. (You can recover the mail upto 365 days).
  • Next, click on Can’t access your Account link. You can find this process beneath the email and password fields.
  • Now, you have to choose the option named as ‘I forgot Password’ and then hit the next option.
  • You have to enter the Hotmail address which you want to give access to the Microsoft account. Enter the given Captcha and click on Next button.
  • Now, you have to select the verification process. If you want to get the access to the password reset page, then you have to verify your identity with the Microsoft account. Below are the several methods to set for your account.
    • Email – If you have provided any recover email to your account then you can easily recover it by a verification code.
    • Text: If you have linked your mobile number with the Hotmail account then it will send you the verification code to recover the password.
    • If you do not have any of recovery option, then you can choose the option to answer the questionnaire which will prove your identity to Microsoft.
  • Fill the questionnaire and then choose the I don’t have any of these options.
  • Click on Get verification code. After receiving the verification code, enter the code and then click on next.
  • Now, you have to enter the new password and then confirm it.

Steps to Recover the Hotmail Password

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